An insight into our background and how Total Tri Training came about

A life of triathlon

Total Tri Training was born out of the passion for triathlon and everything that goes with it from the friendships formed, the skills gained, the fitness built, the goals achieved and the most of all that feeling you get each and every time you cross the finish line knowing that the blood, sweat and tears have all paid off! What started as a more of a hobby helping out friends with their racing and training soon turned into more and more people approaching Chris asking for triathlon coaching. The team naturally grew from there and before long Chris recruited a number of coaches to work alongside with him to allow the team and the knowledge to grow. The team now has 20 experienced coaches who all bring to the table their own unique set of knowledge, experience and skills.



Triathlon has been a part of my life for as long as I remember. Watching the 1993 World Champs in Manchester on TV is what first sparked my interest watching Spencer Smith take the title. The sport at this time was very much in its infancy, but within the next 18 months I had joined my local club, and had started to enter races. At 15 I was racing for the GB Junior Team in international races.

Fast forward the best part of 25 years, the sport is now mainstream and the level of competition has sky rocketed as more and more people get drawn in from lots of different backgrounds. My interest and love of the sport is still as strong as when I was an excitable teenager. 


As an athlete, I am fortunate to have travelled the world doing this sport. It’s been an interesting journey, developing as an athlete and staying towards the top of the sport whilst at the same time the standard keeps going up & up. Getting the right formula for me has taken many years. Not just the right training plan, but the correct diet, the best support team, the best bike fit and aerodynamics on the bike and the right equipment. Nearly 25 years after starting this sport I got what I was chasing: a World AG 70.3 Title and a chance to race Pro and race the very best in the world.

I maybe heading towards 40, but I still believe the best is still to come from me. This is where Total Tri Training was born. Most people may not have the patience to wait 25 years to reach their goals, so the coaching company was built to develop and educate athletes on their triathlon journey so that athletes can enjoy success whilst still fitting in with everyday life. 

Our passion

We as a team are passionate about building fantastic coaching relationships whilst building a community of like minded athletes. Whatever your start point, we are looking to make your endurance sport journey as enjoyable and positive as we can. Just as we strive for excellence everyday ourselves as athletes, we look to do the same in the way we coach to bring the very best out of our athletes.

Our athletes

Our athletes are what make Total Tri Training such a great team. We love the passion for the sport that we share with each and every one of them whether they are a beginner just getting into triathlon or an elite world championship qualifier.

Total Tri Training has over 300 athletes in the team.