Available to you as a TTT Coached Athlete.

Every TTT athlete has access to more than just a training plan and a coach.

Triathlon Hub including open water swimming venue, running and cycling track, and bike fit centre…….

Individualised training plans, your own dedicated coach and support, different packages to suit you…….

Orca designed race and training kit. Branded athletic wear and accessories……

Support and knowledge from all the coaches, plus the TTT community through a private Facebook account, squad sessions, WhatsApp groups…..

Specialised days to hone in your knowledge on specific areas of interest ……

1-2 week camps in the sun at carefully picked resorts …….

Coach led squad sessions to guide you through each session to ensure you get the most out of each and every set……

Two dedicated teams who offer nutritional support in different packages… .



Threshold Power


Injury prevention


Push more power

Saddle comfort….

Bike Servicing….

Up to date, topical information shared on our website and social media….

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