Total Bike Fit

We are taking Bike Fitting bookings from June 15th 2020 now in line with all government guidelines for safety and consideration for our staff and customers health.

You should feel safe coming to see us to get your bike fit but if you wish to read more on our policy you can download it here - Covid-19 safe practise


Made for you.


The more comfortable you are the longer you will be able to hold a strong position in the saddle.

Injury Prevention

Body alignment is key to reduce the risk of injury and also to help the treatment of existing injuries and niggles.


We all want performance gains and these can come without one extra calorie burnt but with intelligent aerodynamics.


Performance starts at the pedal

We firmly believe that to perform the correct bike fit for Road or Triathlon bikes you have to start with the way you are fixed to your bike. With modern clip in pedals you are creating 2 fixed points between the pelvis and the foot and nearly all bike fitters do not give this area enough time.

We spend up to an hour just on this part of your fit making sure your delivery of power to the pedals is perfect and that you are comfortable from the foot right up to the lower back. This is the basis for what we are trying to achieve –Making your bike disappear from under you! By this statement we are referring to that position that is so comfortable, so easy to deliver power to the pedals that you can just focus on turning your body in to the engine that drives the bike forward.


Custom Insoles

We are able to make and advise on custom and non-custom insoles for your bike shoes and we highly recommend these – one pair will last you a decade for most cyclists! No more foot roll, collapsing arches, toes going numb. Precision fitting meaning you ride longer in more comfort and with less power wastage.

Prices for insoles from £79.

The Solestar Stabilization-Delta

The SOLESTAR insoles are based on a highly innovative and patented concept, the Stabilization-Delta. The Stabilization-Delta works like a clamp in your cycling shoes: with its three main contact points it provides strong support for the foot during the entire pedalling cycle.

The foot is brought into the optimal neutral position for power transmission and then held there for the duration of the pedalling cycle.