Kat O'Mahony


Personal highlights…

• Qualified for AG 70.3 Worlds 2021

• 1st Female overall, Epicman Windermere 70.3, 2021

• 12 years experience in Triathlon with numerous AG/ overall podiums across multiple distances.

• 16 years experience in Athletics and cross-country running.

• PhD- Molecular Biology of Ageing at Durham University, 2017

Kat has been involved in endurance sport from an early age when as a teenager she began racing for Southport Waterloo AC. She carried on with both road running and cross country at a competitive level through her undergraduate studies and then moved into triathlon whilst completing her masters degree and PHD in molecular biology at Durham University. Throughout the years she has managed to balance the demands of academia, work life demands and the desire to become an elite athlete and coach. She has worked with athletes at all levels and has a vast array or personal experience to draw on.

Meet Kat

The challenge of maximizing the use of our time and resources to fulfil our own individual definition of potential is something that I am truly passionate about. I believe that all athletes are equals regardless of their physical ability and personal aspirations; and that the art and science of good coaching involves working at the individual level to guide and tailor your development using an integrated approach.

From both the micro level of daily life, to the more macro-level considerations or 3 month, 6 month, 1 year and even 5 years goals, I work with each athlete to implement an adaptable framework that is supported by regular communication and guidance. Supported by the wider TTT team, the unique strengths I bring to the table are:

• Concrete understanding of how to manage time and personal resources to race at the elite end of AG racing.

• Significant personal experience of training and racing Triathlon at all distances up to and including 70.3.

• PhD level scientific knowledge of human biology and physiology.

• A commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of knowledge in sports science; with simple and practical implementation at the individual level.

• Personal support networks within bike-fitting, nutrition and recovery to guide and inform coaching decisions.