Sophie Grace Holmes

COACH – South East

Sophie has been a level 3 fitness coach for 10 years coaching a wide range of people from athletes to celebrities to members of Royal Families, she is also a nutrition coach, level 5 sports massage therapist, public speaker, influencer and business woman.

While Sophie’s passion lies in adventure, specifically physical adventure, she provides inspiration and motivation to others via personal training and public speaking to become fitter, stronger and more confident by sharing her journey and encouraging others to shift their mindset to seek theirs. Sophie has been involved in competitive sport for most of her life.

Meet Sophie

"I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at four months old and told from a young age I might not make it to 30, let alone my teens, this has given me a unique outlook on life. I believe that everyone is able to achieve something extraordinary and should have the courage to seek their adventure in life and live it on their own terms while aspiring to achieve big goals and achieve in races.

I used to compete in 400m on the track up to county level but since discovering endurance sport and triathlon, I have competed in many events from 50km to 100km Ultra Marathons, 24 hour cycling events and even mountain summit races such as Mont Blanc and Kilimanjaro. In recent years I have developed a true passion for Triathlon and have mainly focused on Ironman distance where I can test my physical and mental strength in race conditions.

I believe in working closely with all of my athletes to enable them to understand and manage their commitment and discipline required to achieve their goals, whilst keeping them injury free and and finding a routine that works within their often busy lifestyle."

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