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The importance of sodium

Knowledge is power in sports performance, so knowing how much sodium you lose per litre of your sweat is a big piece in the puzzle for why athletes see performance decline in training and racing or worse, symptoms like cramping which stop you in your tracks


A simple 40 minute test performed at our office can tell you how much sodium you lose while exercising, allowing you to take the right strength of Electrolyte drink to compensate. Top athletes optimise race and training performance with great hydration habits

What's involved?

Watch below as Precision Hydration Founder Andy Blow talks you through the testing procedure you will have on your appointment with us

Individualised Hydration Planning

200mg to 2000mg – this is how varied your sweat sodium loss can be per litre every hour. Imagine if you sweat 1.5 litres per hour and are racing for more than 4 hours – this is a lot of sodium to lose and it will effect how well you absorb fluids the more sodium you have lost from the start of the event. A downward spiral and one that is so easy to prevent

With this test and personalised planning in your post-test report you will know exactly how to fuel different sessions and races. Add to this our FREE post test sweat rate testing protocol you can do in training you can know exactly how much sodium and fluid you need in any given race situation

Precision Hydration Sweat test

1 hour


Sweat Concentration analysed using state of the art testing machine from Precision Hydration

Trained Staff to administer the test help you understand the results

Full report breakdown

Home Based Sweat rate testing protocol and advice included for free

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Sweat Testing

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