By Danny Webber-

Performance Nutritionist

Sweat Testing

What are the benefits of having this done and why is sodium loss and therefore replacement necessary for long distance athletes?

Maintain hydration

Maintaining hydrating is one of the most important strategies for triathletes to maximise performance when it matters most. Dehydration should be avoided by consuming regular amounts of water and electrolytes, primarily sodium, to replace what is lost through sweat.

Total sweat and sodium losses can vary massively within and among athletes, ranging from 0.5-3L of sweat which contains anywhere from 500mg to >2000mg of sodium per hour! Sodium plays a key role in regulating fluid balance and muscle contractile function, so if you’re not replacing your sodium losses with the right amount of fluid, you’re simply not going to perform at your best on race day! This is where we can take all that guesswork away and take your performance to the next level.

Sweat Patch Testing

At The Farm Club our partnered Performance Nutritionist, Danny Webber, offers sweat patch testing to inform you of exactly how much sweat and sodium you are losing during training, providing you with personalised hydration strategies to maximise your performance on race day.

During the sweat test, you will exercise on a bike or treadmill wearing small patches which will collect your sweat to be analysed for its sodium content. This will be calculated with your whole-body sweat loss to measure your hourly sodium sweat loss rates, to give you a plan of what and when you need to drink during training and competition.

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