Bertrand Fontaine

COACH-Stockholm, Sweden

Personal highlights…

Multiple ‘Age-Group’ Podium Finishes, over Sprint and Olympic Distances

  • 70.3 Ironman World Championship qualifier

Originally from Belgium, Bertrand comes from a multi-sport background having performed at national and international levels in various sports. A keen cyclist, he’s been spending time on two wheels for as long as he can remember, moving across from mountain biking to road riding in recent years. What started as the typical bet between friends led to a passion for triathlon with his first race back in 2008. After a number of years juggling university and a fast-paced job, he returned to competitive racing in 2019 and has since then podiumed at Sprint and Olympic events and qualified for the 70.3 World Championship on multiple occasions. He is currently ranked top 20 in the World for the 70.3 distance. 


As an adult-onset swimmer, Bertrand understands the challenges and fears that many newcomers may have ahead of their first race. Juggling a high-pressure career with a desire to compete at the top end of age group racing makes him also well suited to navigate the everyday challenges that most of us face. Now based in Stockholm, he coaches a limited number of athletes and is focused on passing on the learnings he has gained over the years. 


His coaching philosophy is anchored as an athlete centric approach that considers both physical and mental aspects, leveraging data and scientific tools where applicable. Bringing insights from his business career, psychology and sports science, he works to create plans that are individualised and tailored for each athlete’s aspirations, all while acknowledging that performance is maximised when sport, overall health and personal life are in balance.