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Do you need to spend 5k on a fancy TT bike for Triathlon?

In this part of our winter series of Vlogs on bike fitting and position changes in the off season we cover something we see every day. The athlete with one bike for all events and training. In this video we show that you can really optimise your position to get huge gains in speed and performance. We see this as a common issue for those new to the sport who have not yet taken the plunge in to a TT bike, younger athletes who race a mix of draft legal and non-drafting races as well as the recreational athlete who simply does not want to make the huge investment required in a bike they feel they might not get that much use out of.  

How to enhance your TT bike position over winter

The Following Video gives you some thoughts on areas you can easily focus on over the winter months to improve your position on your TT or Triathlon Bike in time for next season. The take away points are:

Get a decent bike fit and do it as soon as possible, not in the spring with your A-race looming

The best position does not just happen, it takes strength, conditioning and practise

Spend time in the position over winter  

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