Dan Mason


Coaching highlights…

  • Over 10 years triathlon coaching experience
  • Qualified as BTF level III coach Coached at all levels from beginners aiming to complete their first multisport event through to experienced athletes qualifying for GB Age Group slots
  • Head coach at Andover Tri Club since 2014

Personal highlights…

  • Competed for GB Age Group 12 times at World and European championships
  • Competed in over 100 multisport events including 11 x Iron distance, 15 HIM and over 20 Standard distance races.
  • Qualified for 70.3 World Championships

Meet Dan

Originally from Yorkshire, I have lived in Hampshire for the last 20 years and this has now become my home. I have been competing in triathlon since 2009 having spent the previous 20 years as a rather inactive overweight smoker. This means that I can easily relate to people starting off in the sport at all levels who are often intimidated by what they perceive to be a world of daunting semi elite athletes. Having got totally hooked and immersed in in the world of training and racing at multiple distances, I took up coaching triathlon in 2011 to give a little back to others in the sport, soon after qualifying as BTF level 2 and more recently achieving the BTF level 3 certification. My passion lies with assisting others reach their triathlon goals. Having covered all distances from sprint to IM distance I find that middle to full distance is what I enjoy the most, though I am yet to reach my full potential at IM distance.

On a personal note I am married and have two jack Russell dogs that take up my down time with great adventurous walks in the country, they certainly keep me amused – I have a dry sense of humour, a very positive outlook and don’t take life too seriously – I love racing and compete as often as I can whether it be a local time trial, sprint triathlon or a full on Iron distance triathlon on the other side of the world.

Coaching Philosophy:

I have had numerous ankle injuries since starting triathlon and I believe this stems back to an injury in my late teens, in 2016 I had ankle surgery and have since come back to the sport with a different outlook – Injury prevention and fitness maintenance has become much more of a focus rather than out and out speed. Moving to a heart rate-based training method and more structured endurance build focussing on “the engine” along with a strength and conditioning programme has meant that I can still achieve my goals. I replicate this with my coaching, aiming to minimise time off with injuries and building a strong endurance base through consistent training – in doing so the speed will come. My coaching philosophy is “we plan and work together to realise your goals through consistency” – it is a team effort with input from both sides making the most out of the relationship, with the ultimate aim of reaching your long term goals. I believe that within reason, with the right approach and dedication I can help anybody achieve their triathlon ambition and have done so with many people over the years.

Links to Published works

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