Gavin Rogers


Personal highlights…

2010 Outlaw Iron Distance Triathlon 9hr32 5th Place overall

2010 Liverpool Triathlon 2hr05

2009 Bala Triathlon 2hr03

2008 Ironman Austria 9hr33

2008 Chester triathlon 2hr02

2006 Bala Middle 4hr14

2003 Qualified for Ironman World Champs 70.3 New Zealand

(Gav stopped racing after 2010 to focus on coaching and family but has now made a comeback winning his AG at Shropshire Olympic in 2020 and is now focusing on a Kona qualification for the future)

Gav has been coaching triathlon now for over 19 years and has a level 3 British Triathlon coaching qualification. He has been coaching triathletes of all abilities from beginners to world age group qualifiers in all distances. He has a multitude of experience in Bike Fitting,1-1 swim analysis and also does bike mechanics and 1-1 personalized coaching. 

Gav has over 4000 hrs of 1-1 swim coaching with video analysis in an endless pool as well as in the swimming pool. He has coached Manchester, Warrington and Didsbury triathlon clubs over a number of years. Gav has a very respectable Ironman PB of 9hr32 min at the Outlaw Full distance coming in 5th Overall and having the fastest run split of the day of 3hr17mins. He is also qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist.

Meet Gavin

I have been involved in triathlon now for 26 years, I have raced all types of triathlons and love the fact that it is a hard sport and once you finish your first triathlon, no matter how small, you become addicted to the sport. I eat, sleep and breathe triathlon and I am more than happy to pass my expertise onto others!!

I was born and grew up in South Africa racing off road motorbikes at a national level from the age of 13. In my 20s I decided to move to the UK and join the Parachute Regiment where I discovered and found the love for triathlon after seeing a poster wanting people to volunteer to take up the sport of triathlon and compete for the regiment. I thought… “why not give it ago?”. I just thought of it as a great way to get fit and a way to approach getting ready for the pre Parachute selection course. How little did I know that it was going to become my life long passion and I have never looked back since, which was over 20 years ago! In the physical demands it took in test week to become a para, Gavin achieved the highest pass mark of 10 points gained out of 10 in all 9 events. While serving in the forces he worked as a military physical training instructor, training recruits to become para troopers when not on operational duties. Gavin has also competed in multi-stage mountain bike events like the 7 day “Trans-Wales” and “Trans-Scotland”. Gavin has been competing for over 23 years in triathlon and has just come back to the sport after a 5 year sabbatical. Being a working father of 2 girls Gavin knows how to strike a balance with training and family life.

Being coached by Gav…


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MARK GAUGHAN, “Gavin’s great coaching is pushing me way beyond what I believe could be achieved and I’m sure there’s a lot more progress to come! ……..”    READ MORE >>

Gavin has helped me tremendously. Its a great motivator to better understand that we are all in this together and even though we put a smile on, there’s a lot of hard work going in to just keeping going sometimes. You’re great coaching is pushing me way beyond what I believe could be achieved and I’m sure there’s a lot more progress to come! I’ve come a long way since I saw you at IMUK couple of years ago, just after I’d pulled out of the swim! Keep it going mate, I am thoroughly enjoying this training journey 

BRAD KILLIAN, “Thanks for planning and supporting us all individually.”    READ MORE >>

Thanks to Gavin, I am really starting to see the benefit of a good initial block, till this illness knocked it out of me for the 4 weeks… its a pity as its a setback, but Gavin helped me readjust my goals and it has been my saving grace. Again, I will be trying to hit the key sessions going forward and getting back to where I was before illness. I tend to get caught up in my own mind, a lot as well… but slowly learning, to shift that negative feeling and focus on the positives… one day at a time.. Thanks for the planning, for supporting us all individually.