Grant Sheldon


Personal highlights…

  • World Juniors 2013 – 3rd
  • World University Champion 2016
  • European Relay Champion 2016
  • European Sprint Championships 2013 – 3rd
  • Multiple European cup podiums
  • 4x World Cup podiums
  • 4x WTCS top 12s – best being 4th place
  • 2x Commonwealth Games appearances with a 3rd likely in 2022


Grant is a professional triathlete and been a member of the British Triathlon World Class Performance Program for 8 years. Having been a competitive swimmer in his younger years and coming from a running family he happened upon triathlon having watched the 2008 Olympics and Emma Snowsill’s unstoppable performance. This led to a career of racing the best around the world. Having learned the sport intimately and how athletes at all stages in their career operate, he is passionate about helping others reach their goals in the sport and enjoy it just as much. Whilst he has competed at an elite level, Grant has successfully coached athletes ranging from complete beginners through to aspiring pro athletes and enjoys working with people of all abilities.

Meet Grant:

I live in Bournemouth now after growing up in Scotland and spending a number of years training out of the high-performance centre in Stirling. I am definitely enjoying the warmer climate of the south coast.

I have enjoyed a good amount of time racing around the world and rubbing shoulders with the best in the business but it always comes back to the why for me and that is a love for the sport. Or rather, a love of exploring what my mind and body can do. It is this that I enjoy passing on to my athletes and along the way we will work together to conquer your goals whether that be for health, lifestyle or performance.

My key attribute as a coach is having been there and done it, I have been through pretty much every problem (many injuries, mental issues, equipment, dietary issues… etc..) and I have the experience of finding the solutions. Not everyone will have the same problems but the experience of overcoming the obstacles that most athletes will face at some point is a key ingredient to finding a winning methodology for each individual I work with.

Outside of triathlon I love the outdoors, have a degree in maths and am also working towards becoming a Dietitian. This has given me a solid grounding in science. However, that is only ever secondary to the person. How can I help YOU? How can I add value to YOU with YOUR specific requirements, ambitions and life stressors? This is the same whether you are the best in the world or just starting out.