Jimmy D

COACH- London

Jimmy has been involved in sport at a high level both competing and coaching for 30 years, as a teenager running at County and National level on the track as well as cross country, he was also in the GB rowing team representing Great Britain at multiple World Championships and international races and is a former Junior World Champion. 

Jimmy has been a pacemaker in the London Marathon, and has experience of both road and trail running. He has completed several ultra-distance swims including the 18km length of Lake Windermere.

He is now using his wider sporting and coaching experience across all these sports in the world of  triathlon and multisport qualifications for the  GB Age Group team for both the ETU and ITU European & World Championships in middle and long course.

All this whilst juggling a demanding, unpredictable and high pressured day job, long term injury and family life. Jimmy understands the varying day to day pressures and time restraints we all face and how to get the most out of individual circumstances and whatever time we have.


 I am based in South West London with my wife who is an ultra-runner and physiotherapist, unsurprisingly sport and training form a large part of our lives.


I get absolute pleasure from being around, training with, and helping those that are passionate and want to push themselves to achieve their goals and beyond no matter what their abilities are.

I believe in the power of team and community even within individual sports which in my opinion TTT is at the leading edge of.

 Having coached every age group from 12 years old upwards, from absolute beginner to those going for national team selection I have developed my own set of core training principles.


My coaching principles:- 

• Coach the individual – There is no one size fits all, we all have our own physiology, circumstances, goals and personalities.

• Educate – Invariably, athletes that understand not just what, but why they are doing what they are doing train smarter, more efficiently and are more likely to achieve their goals.

• It is a process – Especially in endurance sports, consistency is key, there are no quick routes to sustainable performance.

• Communication – The athlete coach relationship should not be a transactional one, it is a relationship that will develop and evolve with time, where both parties push each other to be better.