Rebecca Holland

COACH-North Wales

Personal highlights

  • Shropshire Middle distance Triathlon winner 2019
  • National Team Time trialling Champion 2016
  • National Team Time trialling runner up 2017
  • Abersoch Sprint Triathlon winner 2016
  • Completed a 4:30 100 mile Time Trial
  • 2 times GB Team qualifier
  • *BSC (Hons) Sports, coaching & Exercise Science (dissertation – Impacts of heat in female athletes , in sport throughout the menstrual cycle)
  • *Diploma level 4 in Sports Massage *Diploma in Kinesio Taping

Based in North Wales, Bex is a full time working mum & wife and has achieved elite performance in both triathlon and cycling time trailing over the last 15 years. She has been involved in and had a love of sport all throughout her life and studied at university for a BSC (hons) in sports coaching and exercise science, where one of her specialist subjects and dissertation was ’the impacts or heat in female athletes in sport throughout the menstrual cycle’. Using her broad experience which ranges from coaching juniors and adults to elite level through to wining national time trial titles herself Bex is very much focused on helping the individual achieve their full potential with often limited time due to real world life pressures.

Rebecca's Coaching Philosophy

“As I move into a new phase of my life, turning 40 and with a son who is slightly less dependent on me I’ve decided to help others work towards their goals. I have a huge passion for encouraging people into sport and getting the best out of people by pushing their boundaries and encouraging them to take themselves well out of their comfort zones.

I am a firm believer that in order to progress our ability we don’t have to continually (and often blindly) cram more and more hours into training, I believe that with a combination of self belief, mental focus and trusting in the process that you can have a great career, spend time with your family & friends and perform at your maximum potential by following a training program specifically tailored and evolving to suit you the individual.

I see my role as coach as an enabler to help the athlete achieve this, it means that you in turn don’t have to use valuable time and headspace to plan training & ensure that its structured and effective, you also have someone to hand when you need to tweak & move sessions to accommodate a last minute change in family, social life or work commitment, which let’s face it happens quite a lot in the real world.

Over the last 15 years Ive gained lots of experience and learned valuable lessons in what works well & what doesn’t work so well when you are juggling a hectic life. I have a very unique perspective on training for sport, understanding that whilst we want to be our very best, we also don’t want to drop the other important spinning plates of work, family & friends.

Ive spent a lot of time over the last 2 years looking at ‘growth’ mindset and what that means as I work with my son and other junior athletes to help them achieve their sporting goals. I encourage all athletes to have this approach, there is no such thing as failure, only learning opportunities. You will often hear me say, “What is the absolute worst thing that is going to happen if you push to hard?”

I also have a passion for women in sport. I understand that women are not just small men, I understand the female hormonal cycles & how it can impact our training & performance and hence what we may need to consider on how to maximise our gains.

So whether you have triathlon or just cycling/time trialling goals I can help you be the best you can be."


What People Say

Martin Christmas

"I have to say I can highly recommend "Coach Holland". So much so, here is my "satisfied customer" review!!

I had a less than positive experience with coaching in the past where coaches just didn't grasp that I was a Dad/ Husband and business owner first and athlete second but that didn't stop me being serious about my sport. That put me off using coaches for years. My training time can change at a few hours notice and my time is very limited so I can't churn out big rides in Zone 2 the old school way. Bex "gets it" and organises my training around those challenges and sets sessions that balance training load and time available to achieve the weekly and monthly training goals. It means now I get home, look at my app and just get on with whatever Bex has loaded up in Training Peaks. The result being that I'm now less stressed about my training plan and just get on with training, even if its at 9pm on the Turbo! The most important thing is that my FTP is steadily ramping up at a really good rate towards that first race at a training volume that's sustainable. Bex does the thinking, I do the pedalling and its really working well for me."

Martin Christmas

Para cyclist – road racing & time trialist

National Para cycling road championships – bronze medal winner

Rebecca did an amazing job turning me from a total amateur, into a Half Ironman, and I’m incredibly grateful. Coming from a club running background, I was comfortable with some leisurely bike rides, but very uncomfortable with swimming, never venturing outside of a swimming pool.

She provided me with a personalised training plan, and was continually tweaking it for me as I developed my capabilities. Age isn’t on my side and the plan was specific for a 50’ish amateur, with a few injuries, and it worked really well.

My swimming times dropped like a stone, my FTP on the bike increased by 15% and I was totally ready for the run off the bike.

Supported with regular feedback, lots of hints & tips, her experience of competing in events was super useful. Stuff I hadn’t worried about before (fuelling plans, kit preparation and learning to go slower to go faster!) made a huge difference to my confidence and my success. Getting positive feedback when I had completed tough sessions was a huge boost, especially as we were both working under COVID restrictions, so the extra support she gave me was a big help during the lonely runs and bike rides.

The results speak for themselves; I completed so much quicker than I had hoped, thoroughly enjoyed myself and was really chuffed with the day. Already started planning the next one.

Thomas Lincoln Kemp

Half Ironman