Tony Clarke


Personal highlights…

IMUK 2021 , 3rd in AG -Kona Qualifier

Kona Qualifier 2015

IM 70.3 World Champs Qualifier 2018

ITU Long Course Worlds 2019

Ironman PB 9:50

Coaching qualifications…

BTF Level 2 certified

Training Peaks University certified

TriSutto certified coach 2019

Completed Ironman University coaching program 2016

Tony did his first triathlon back in 2003 but after a few years it got put on the back burner due to the increasing pressure of family and work. Having got back into the sport in 2011, he went to Kona as a spectator and decided that he wanted to come back to the big island as a competitor. A true believer in the phrase that “anything is possible”, he made the necessary lifestyle changes and training commitments and was able to fulfil the ambition of qualifying for and racing in the 2105 Ironman world championships. Over the following years he has helped numerous athletes train and compete at all distances but mostly full ironman and half distance where his expertise is strongest. He completed the Ironman University coaching certification in 2016 and has very recently become one of a small number of TriSutto certified coaches in the UK, having worked with and been directly mentored by Brett Sutton on a number training camps.

Meet Tony

"I’m based in Lymm in Cheshire, where I live with my wife and daughter. A salesman by trade, I spent 15 years building and leading an international software business and developing sales teams across the globe before being able to successfully exit and refocus my life around triathlon training and coaching a few years ago. A big part of my job was always people development, leadership and motivation which I have found to be instrumental as part of a successful coaching methodology. I like to get a real understanding and close working relationship with my athletes so that we can work together to constantly push boundaries and achieve new highs. As one of a very few Trisutto certified coaches in the U.K. I’m fully invested in the principles used to coach age groupers of all levels, all the way through to multiple world champions."

Being coached by Tony…


Read what our athletes have to say about being coached by TTT. Click on each testimonial to read the full story.

ANDY WRIGHT, ATHLETE , 30-34 AG – “Joining TTT as an athlete has been a gamechanger. Looking back at training before working with Tony begs the question, have I ever truly trained properly until now……”    READ MORE >>
A Wright Boundary park Tri Win

"Joining TTT as an athlete has been a gamechanger. Looking back at training before working with Tony begs the question; have I ever truly trained properly until now. The knowledge & 121 support is second to none and the unique session plans prove to find gains in performance week on week. Performance numbers I had previously only dreamed of hitting have become BAU. Triathlon can be a very individual sport, lots of training on your own and self-motivation can be tough, but the TTT family without doubt transforms this. The coaches have created a unique team environment where all the coaches and athletes come together to push each other and make the harder parts of training fun. Great work to all involved, a truly inspirational team of experts."

NAT WARREN, ATHLETE, 40-44 AG – “I can honestly say that joining TTT has been one of the best decisions I’ve made!”    READ MORE >>
Final run Alderford NW

"Being part of TTT training has been a hugely positive experience for me as an amateur athlete. It’s been unique in offering both a personally tailored daily exercise programme ( c/o Tony C my coach) as well as a brilliant community feel amongst the coaches and athletes.

There’s a great mix of positive camaraderie, motivation and support with a dollop of healthy competition thrown in! The results of which (so far) are PBs in all 3 disciplines within 6 months . I can honestly say that joining has been one of the best decisions I’ve made!"

MARK MITCHELL- “Since starting with Tony, my fitness and endurance has increased significantly……”    READ MORE >>

“Since Starting with Tony, my fitness and endurance has increased significantly, already from where I was, which was an 11hour ironman

finisher. I wasn't aware of how much until we started testing and racing more frequently in Lockdown.  Tony is always very responsive for

any questions about my training load etc.  If you are wanting to improve your overall performance then I would seriously recommend taking on a coach and see where it takes you."