Research-informed nutrition coaching and advice for Triathlon and Endurance sports

Total Endurance Nutrition are driven to help endurance athletes of all levels achieve their sporting goals through optimising nutrition for training, competition and day-to-day life.

Working at the forefront of exercise physiology and sports nutrition research means we are able to use cutting-edge knowledge to inform our practice. And being runners and triathletes ourselves, we have a clear understanding of the demands of endurance sport.

Nutrition can be an easy gain.....but it is often overlooked and/or under appreciated.

Race-Specific nutrition plans

We can work with you to come up with a clear nutrition plan for the entire race weekend. You dedicate so many hours in training to get to the start line; don’t let poor nutrition ruin your race.

Hit your race weight

Racing is hard enough, without carrying extra baggage. We can support your weight loss goals and help you achieve an optimal body composition allowing you to perform at your best.

Fuelling for training and life

Tailoring your nutrition to suit your training demands and lifestyle means you can push harder in those key sessions and recover better. With a sustainable nutrition plan, your training becomes consistent allowing you to gain that competitive edge.

Individualised to your physiology

Everybody is different and we appreciate that. We understand there are many tried

and tested routes to success accounting for each individual’s physiology and

response to nutrition.

Who is nutrition coaching for?

Triathletes from novice to elite over all distances

Runners from 5km to ultra distance

Competitive cyclists to long distance sportive enthusiasts