From training to nutrition and bike fitting to injury prevention

Training Resources

Bike Position

Bike fitting

Useful videos for those looking to enhance their bike position on any type of bike and how to build this in to your training

Physiological testing

End the guessing. Dr Sam Sheppard talks about the benefit of physiological testing for ALL levels of athletes. PDF and Video resource available

Common Injury issues

TTT coach and lower limb injury specialist Phil Ellison talks through common issues, diagnosis and treatments for tendon based injury such as Plantar fasciitis.

Foam Rollering

Drummond Physiotherapy go through a really comprehensive guide to foam rollering. One of the best examples we have seen anywhere on the internet. Lazy of us, but we couldn't do it better!

Zwifting – racing and set up

The Dark Art of online bike racing (and running) with video link guides to get you set up and racing at your best. Think of it like real outside racing meets Super Mario Kart!!! Watch the videos and read what our team have to say

Course Guides

Race Reports, Course Guides and general race tips and info from our coaches and experienced athletes to help you arrive on the start line of some of the biggest races knowing what to expect

How to warm up for running

Re-written for our athletes from a Training Peaks article on how to warm up for a run session or race but the principles apply to swim and bike as well. Featuring drills, strides and the reason WHY? Everyone will run better for this!

Master the Ironman Run

Easy to get wrong both Mentally and Physically, the Ironman Marathon is the part of the day where legends are made, and souls are crushed. Sion Williams 2 Part Info-graphic on conquering the Run on the big day

Nutrition for S and C


Getting your nutrition right an be tricky, especially when adding in a strength training plan. Our Nutrition partner, Total Endurance Nutrition, offer great advice on how to best recovery for your next workout